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The Sales Department of EQARAT.COM is the first point of contact for customers who are seeking to access the company's professional services. Comprising of competent and experienced team of property consultants, the department is segmented into four divisions that cover the whole business spectrum of company operations.

The divisions are:

With primary focus on delivering comprehensive property consultancy services to both sellers and buyers, the Sales Department also facilitates our clients' financial and insurance services needs through our strategic partners, while ensuring that they maximize our range of value added services.


At EQARAT.COM, we consider one our expanding Global Agents Network as one of our biggest strengths. Our growth strategy is linked with our extensive investments in training and educating our people, which comprises the region's largest agent network base.

The secret behind building a high performance team of a highly professional caliber, who serve as the backbone of our business operations, is a philosophy that allows us to embrace only those people with the ideal personality, approach and capabilities that complements our vision and ideologies, thereby making them deserving individuals to be affiliated to the EQARAT.COM name.


As a vital component of our business model and planned strategies, the Marketing Department follows a clear-cut set of objectives to increase brand awareness and gain a bigger share of the market through the years.

Determined to take EQARAT.COM to a new market frontiers, the Marketing Department devises and implements strategic local, regional or international marketing campaigns along with other marketing programs to help promote sales. The group focuses on proactively redefining our marketing strategy to adapt to the demands of the changing times.

Customer Relations

Attuned to different cultures and perceptive of varied business orientations, the Customer Relations Department makes it their primary business to provide complete customer satisfaction by making everyone who shares a relationship with us feel satisfied and well cared for. We implement the 'Customer Relations Management System' - a tool that allows our team to log and follow-up with the customers all their investment needs, purchases and after sales needs. Our customer relations policy is to ensure that friendliness, proper decorum and a professional attitude is being observed by all of our staff.