Issue No 306 - 27 April 2009
DIP deploys ‘green’ tools in mixed-use project

Dubai Investment Properties (DIP), a leading UAE real estate developer, has implemented the latest eco-friendly technologies in the construction of its Sunset mixed-use development.

DIP worked closely with Arkiteknik International, the architects for Sunset development, in choosing the design, architecture, lighting and technology, all of which will help in energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

Sunset, which comprises of a luxury shopping mall, boutique offices and lavish residential apartments, is built to be one of the most energy efficient buildings in the region with several measures being adopted by DIP to ensure energy conservation and minimizing pollution and demands on infrastructure.

“Sunset was designed to blend in and to compliment the Jumeirah community neighborhood,” said Francois Faure, executive director of DIP.

“We did not want to disturb the serenity of the place and hence we took every measure to make sure we do not add to the traffic or the congestion of Jumeirah Beach Road,” he added.

“The architecture of Sunset is open to capitalize on natural light and the panoramic view of the Arabia Gulf. The mall is enclosed with glass, where the retail showrooms are visible from outside and shoppers inside the mall can see the street outside.

“We used transparent glass, specifically designed to divert heat, thus reducing the load on the air conditioners and help conserve energy; further more this development profits from natural sunlight till late hours of the day, keeping the apartments and retails showrooms bright without the use of artificial lighting.”

Arkiteknik has combined water, glass and steel at the Sunset Mall to offer retailers and guests a unique experience. The interior of the Mall will feature the latest innovations in LCD and LED technology, offering innovative visual effects.

The residential complex, which reaches towards the beach, is designed to offer every home a sea view and to promote waterfront style living. The apartments feature a number of balconies for residents to enjoy the outdoors. From inside, the apartments open into an atrium, which features a lounge with coffee shops to foster a community style atmosphere.

“Sunset will be one of the green-conscious buildings in the region,” said Abdallah Moneimneh, technical director at Arkiteknik International.

“We only used ecologically friendly materials and non-HCFC refrigerants to ensure that the building and the surrounding environment was healthier. We also used heat recovery wheels to recover energy from the general extract air from the building and minimize the electric power consumption.”

Arkiteknik also installed efficient thermal insulation system and high performance low E- glass to envelope the building to minimize heat gains.

“The air conditioning system is designed to achieve precise control of temperature and humidity levels and the basement car park ventilation is monitored and controlled with CO sensors to ensure a smoke free environment,” Moneimneh added.

The apartments, boutique offices and mall retail showrooms at Sunset are fitted with energy saving lamps, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and T5 lamps with special electronics control gear that is widely used to reduce electricity consumption.

The dimming and lighting controls are designed to offer greater flexibility for switching the light on only in occupied areas of all individual enclosed spaces. Using a lighting control system connected to the BMS to provide scheduled lighting control, shut down all lighting after hours and provide after hours manual control.

The development features a silent drainage system to ensure quiet indoor environments. Sunset also has installed advanced surveillance and fire protection systems in the building to ensure the safety of residents.

. Source: Trade Arabia News

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