Issue No 263 - 01 April 2008
  Sweet Homes opens Doha office

Sweet Homes, a leading UAE-based developer and multi-service provider to the real estate sector, has launched its new office in Doha, Qatar.

It will serve as the hub for the extensive business operations we are currently establishing in the country, said an official spokesman.

In line with its regional expansion strategy, the developer has identified the opportunity to market its high value developments in the UAE as the number of real estate investors continuously swells while the supply of built spaces falls short to address the massive demand in the Qatari market.

The sales and marketing office in Qatar will offer relevant and up-to-date information on the developer's projects in Ajman, UAE, including its Dh2.5 billion ($0.68 billion) Ajman Uptown project and Dh1.7 billion Rainbow Towers.

In addition to assisting customers with their inquiries on the projects, a group of professional sales consultants are stationed to manage efficient processing of documents, receive payments and coordinate with the Dubai headquarters for all the local transactions.

The Qatar office will also play a major role in building up investor-driven activities that incorporate branding strategies to generate awareness for the developments, such as direct mailing and event sponsorships.

"The Qatari real estate sector, which has grown to become one of the largest within the entire GCC with a total value of $37.8 billion in 2006, is currently experiencing incredible demand for highly profitable real estate investments, as evident in the keen interest of Qatari investors to purchase properties in other regional property markets," said managing director, Sweet Homes Group, Fahad Sattar Dero.

Further strengthening its Dh3.5 billion projects portfolio, the developer recently revealed its plans to invest Dh2 billion into the regional property development sector in 2008, through a series of residential, commercial and mixed-use developments in other emirates of the UAE, and in the neighbouring states of Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Following its outlined strategy to leverage the booming opportunities within the $2.4 trillion real estate market in the Middle East, the developer also announced that it will be extending its regional efforts to market its projects in the UAE in UK, US and Canada.

Source: Trade Arabia News

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