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About eqarat.com

Eqarat.com has evolved and grown exponentially as one of the leading total solutions providers in real estate sector. Since our initial foray into the market in 1991, we now confidently and proudly stand at the forefront of the local real estate companies that provide global real estate services.

With our continuing expansion plans, our focus now lies in further intensifying our operations within the UAE and Oman. As a natural extension of our phenomenal growth and the ever growing demands of increasingly discerning customers, we are also heavily investing in the development of our human resources.

Multi-cultured, well educated, and extremely knowledgeable, our agents possess valuable competitive edge in identifying the best investment opportunities that perfectly address the demands of our customers. One of our foremost priorities is to provide intensive training to our sales team especially in highly specialised areas of property consulting services, customer relations, and market updates and research.  That is why now we are ready to train a new wave of Professional Property Consultants that want to start their own business in the Real Estate Market.

The Target Market:

Our target market consists of individual entrepreneurs, investors, property developers and various real estate entities.  We also maintain a large client base comprising of institutions and organizations from leading industries such as banking and finance.

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